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Alumni email accounts

These instructions apply to alumni setting up their email addresses after graduation. It also applies to 2018/19 alumni who were provided with an email address and find it necessary to update their email clients after their email was migrated into the domain and their email address changed.

Alumni email accounts

     Changes to 2018/19 alumni email accounts

For further information about the change made to your alumni email account, please see: Changes to your alumni email account

If you're a student of the University and graduated from summer 2018 onwards, you're entitled to an email address with an Exchange Online mailbox.

You should get an email from the Development and Alumni Relations office about setting this up around the time you complete your studies. If you haven't received an email and think you should have, please contact them at

Once you have your account, you can migrate the contents of your student mailbox to your new alumni account.

You can log in to the Outlook Web App with your email address and your Raven password, or set up your preferred email app.


How to access your Alumni email account

Use the Outlook Web App

Go to the Microsoft Outlook web portal and log in with your email address and Raven password, selecting the 'Work or School' account option:

Set up Outlook for your Alumni email account

Follow these instructions for your operating system linked from this page but use your email address not your old email address:

Set up Outlook for Exchange Online email

Set up other email clients

Alternatively, use these settings to configure other email clients to connect to your alumni milbox:

Password Raven password
Server name
Proxy settings
SSL certificate msstd://
Authentication Basic Authentication
Logon network security
Anonymous Authentication


Recent Alumni with Hermes email accounts

If you had a Hermes email account as a student, you can self-migrate your student email into your alumni email Exchange Online account using the Alumni Hermes migration tool.


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