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UAS Email housekeeping

Your UAS mailbox may, over time, become quite large and you may receive emails giving notice that you are running out of space for your email. To reduce the likelihood of this occurring, and to help in maintaining a streamlined mailbox, regular housekeeping is recommended.  The following options are suggested:

  • Create a reasonable folder structure within the mailbox and move items to these folders so that related email is grouped together outside of the Inbox.
  • Change individual folder settings to show the total number of items rather than just unread items.
  • Keep the number of items in each folder as low as possible: the Inbox, Sent Items, Contacts and Calendar perform best with fewer than 1,000 items, and all other folders should be below 5,000 items.
  • Use hyperlinks to share documents rather than attaching them to emails.
  • Do not add staff from the Global Address List to a personal Contacts folder.  This takes up space, and the entry will not automatically update if changes occur to the GAL.
  • Do not use the Deleted Items folder as an archive, to reduce the total item count therein.
  • Delete all mail, calendar and contact items that are no longer required, and empty the Deleted Items folder.  Emails in a folder can be arranged in order of size, to help identify large items.
  • Email that has been permanently deleted can be recovered for up to 30 days if necessary.
  • Duplicate attachments should be removed; only one copy should be necessary.
  • Staff should manage their Sent Items and Junk Email folders as well.
  • If there are older items that need to be retained, request a mail archive from the Service Desk and transfer such items to it.
  • Encourage staff to set expiry dates on emails that they send out so they are easier to locate and remove.
  • Encourage staff to transfer attachments or email to a file share.
  • Rebuild or compress the .ost file.
  • Regularly check the Sync Issues folder to determine if mail items have not been successfully transferred between the mailbox and the local .ost file.

For more detailed information about maintaining your mailbox, please see Improving Outlook Performance.

If you need any further assistance please contact the .

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