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UAS email for iPhone and iPad (OS 11.x)

Instructions for adding your personal UAS Exchange email account (or a shared mailbox) to an iOS device.

      Are you reconfiguring your device after your UAS Exchange email account (or a shared resource) has been upgraded?

If so, you will need to follow the instructions for removing your old UAS Exchange email account/shared resource account before you add your upgraded mailbox. Follow the instructions here first:

Removing the existing UAS Exchange Account in iOS Apple Mail >


  1. If you are setting up Mail on your device for the first time, skip to Step 4, otherwise, tap the Settings icon.

  2. Scroll down and tap Accounts & Passwords:


  3. Tap Add Account:


  4. Tap the Exchange logo:


  5. Enter your Email Enter your email address in the format and password and a Description e.g. 'Exchange' (it will default to your email address if you leave it blank).

    [Note: Access to shared resources: if you are setting up an account for a shared mailbox or other resource, you must enter the email address of the shared resource instead of your own personal email address.]

    Tap Next.


  6. Tap Configure manually:


  7. Enter your work email password and tap Next:


  8. Enter the following details:

    Domain: INTERNAL
    Username: CRSid
    Password: Your email password

    Click Next.


  9. You will be logged in to your Exchange email account (or shared resource), and can now choose which apps you want to sync with your account. Tap Save.


  10. Return to your Home screen and tap the Mail icon.
    You will now see your Exchange email (or shared mailbox) has been added.

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