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Update Admin/ACN email settings in Outlook 2013/6 (Windows)

Once your email account has been upgraded to Exchange Server 2013, your managed desktop PC will have been be updated automatically, so you don't need to do anything other than to log back in if you had Outlook open at the time your upgrade was performed in the background. If you have any unmanaged devices (e.g. a work laptop or your own personal devices), you will need to update Outlook's mail Server settings yourself:
  1. Open the Control Panel: Start > Control Panel
  2. Choose Mail:

    Outlook 2013 01

  3. Click Add button:

    Outlook 2013 02

  4. Enter a Profile Name for your new profile and click OK:

    Outlook 2013 03

  5. Enter your name and email address, and click Next:

    Outlook 2013 05

  6. Outlook will try to auto-discover the server details. Click Next:

    Outlook 2013 06

  7. Enter your password and click OK.

    Outlook 2013 04

  8. Click Finish.

    Outlook 2013 07