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Adding University-wide, address lookup to Outlook 2010

Finding addresses in Outlook 2010

If you are connecting to the UIS Management Information network, Outlook will not see addresses for people over the rest of the University network.

You can use the web-based lookup or add access to the full University (LDAP) address list to Outlook.

Configuring Outlook 2010 to access the University LDAP directory

  • Open the File tab.
  • Select Account Settings, then select the Account Settings that appears below it.


  • Select the last tab, labelled Address Books.
  • Select New.
  • Select Internet Directory Service (LDAP) then select Next


  • For Server Information type then click on More Settings.... (you will get a warning that you will have to restart Outlook, just dismiss this).


  • On the Connection tab change the Display Name if you like to a different name (e.g. University Lookup)
  • Tick the Use Secure Sockets Layer box and change the Port: number to 636.


  • Select the Search tab, under Search Base select Custom and, in the box, type ou=people,o=University of Cambridge,dc=cam,dc=ac,dc=uk (be sure to type it exactly as it appears on this page) then click on OK.


  • Select Next then Finish, then Close to end the wizard.


You will need to restart Outlook before you can use the new LDAP entry.


If you have trouble following these steps, there is a script that you can run to do this automatically. Find the folder J:\Applications\LDAP Address Book and double-click on ldap.vbs.

Be sure to only do this once, otherwise multiple copies of the address book will be added and be aware that it may overwrite any other address lists you have personally added.



Using the LDAP Directory to find an address with Outlook 2010

  • Open a new message
  • Select To:
  • Check that the Address Book pull down menu is set to University Lookup or whatever you name you used earlier for the Display Name.
  • Type the name (or part of the name) of the person you want to search for into the Search box and select Go. Where possible use 4 or more characters as this will make the search more efficient.


  • If the search returns just the right person the entry will be highlighted. If the search returns a list of names, scroll down until you can highlight (single click) the correct name. Select To: to add the name and address to your message
  • Repeat this procedure until you have added all the required recipients to your message.

Note: If you plan to use an address frequently you may want to add it to your personal address book. To do this, right click on the person you want to add and select Add to Outlook Contacts


Known Problems

Outlook will not return the correct results if a title has been included in the system.  An example of this is that 'Steve Kearsey' does not return a result whereas 'Dr Steve Kearsey' does.


A workaround for this behaviour would be to enter just the surname into the search box.


The address book based on is only as good as the data held within lookup.  If I attempt to retrieve the details for Dr Sue Cowell, no email address is returned because she has not entered an email address in lookup.


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