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Upgrading the ACN email service

The Administrative Computing Network (ACN) Exchange email service is being upgraded.

University Information Services (UIS) is upgrading the ACN email service. This will be accomplished behind the scenes in a phased approach, with minimal disruption to your managed administrative desktop. It will, however, require you to manually update your mobile devices with the new server settings.


As well as allowing for easier system administration, moving to a newer version of Exchange Server now will bring a number of benefits for end users, including:

  • the ability to use more services and applications, notably Office 2016
  • the ability to publish and share calendars with other staff inside and outside of the ACN
  • larger folder item limits
  • a new, cleaner, Outlook Web Access interface, fully supported by most web browsers, not just Internet Explorer
  • support for newer mail clients, both desktop and mobile
  • you shouldn't notice a difference in the way you access Public Folders, the Global Address List or to your delegated access.


UIS will start the migratiing the University's 4,000 administrative email system in late June, migrating 50-100 users at a time. We expect the process to take around six weeks.

What you need to do

You will receive a notification email from UIS telling you when your account is scheduled to be upgraded, and informing you that you may need to take action:

  1. You will need to restart Outlook on your managed desktop PC.
    If Outlook gives you a login dialog, update you username to use the format INTERNAL\CRSid and tick the Remember my credentials checkbox:

    ACN login Ex 2013

  2. Update your browser bookmark for the new ACN webmail access URL:

  3. Optional: Manually update any personal devices you use to access your email by changing the server setting to (see links to detailed instructions below).

  4. You should not notice a difference in the way you access Public Folders, the Global Address List and delegated access.

Known issues

Mailbox quota exceeded after upgrade

Some users have found that their mailbox shows as over quota after the upgrade. This may occur when a mailbox had been nearing its quota because the new mail server calculates the size of your mailbox more accurately than the old server. Please contact the UAS Service Desk () for support.

Access to shared resources from Monday 11 December 2017

The final part of the ACN email upgrade programme is to upgrade all the shared resources including shared mailboxes, calendars, rooms, equipment and email archives. These resources will be migrated over the weekend of Friday 8 – Sunday 10 December 2017. This will happen behind-the-scenes, and managed desktop PCs will be updated automatically (although you may need to quit Outlook and log in again to see your shared resources).

If you had access to any shared resources using an unmanaged Mac, or a personal mobile device, you may need to set up new accounts in your email client in order to access these resources after they have been migrated. The process is the same as reconfiguring your personal mailboxes, except that you use the email address of the shared resource instead of your personal email address. You will still sign in using your CRSid and personal email password.

See also: Access to shared resources in the Outlook Web Access client (OWA)


How to reconfigure your unmanaged devices

If you use a Mac desktop, or any other devices to check your email (e.g. phones, tablets or laptops), however, you will need to manually update your email client's Server setting:

Mobile devices