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Attachment blocks

In order to protect our users against unknown viruses, we block attachments that have any of the filename extensions listed below. This list is based on the "dangerous attachment types" blocked by Microsoft Outlook.

More details about our email scanner can be found on another page.

In this table, [] means any of the enclosed letters, and []? means an optional letter.

.ad[ep] Microsoft Access file
.app executable application
.asp Microsoft Active Server Page
.bas BASIC source code
.bat Microsoft command script
.cer security certificate
.chm compiled HTML help
.cmd executable command
.com executable command
.cpl Microsoft Windows control panel
.crt security certificate
.exe executable program
.fxp FoxPro code
.gadget Microsoft Windows Vista gadget
.hlp Microsoft Windows help file
.hta hypertext application
.inf information / setup file
.ins Internet communications settings
.isp Internet service provider settings
.its Internet document set
.jse? JavaScript code
.lnk Microsoft Windows shortcut
.ma[dfgmqrsuvw] Microsoft Access
.md[abetwz] Microsoft Access
.msc Microsoft management console snap-in
.ms[ip] Microsoft Windows installer file
.mst Microsoft Windows SDK setup script
.ops Microsoft Office profile settings
.pcd Microsoft Visual Test script
.pif Microsoft Windows program information file
.prf Microsoft Windows system file
.prg executable program
.reg registry data
.scf Microsoft Windows Explorer command
.scr Microsoft Windows screen saver
.sct Microsoft Windows script component
.shb Microsoft Windows shortcut into a document
.shs Microsoft Windows scrap object
.url Internet location
.vb[es]? Microsoft Visual Basic code
.vsmacros Microsoft Visual Studio macro
.vs[stw] Microsoft Visio file
.ws[cfh]? Microsoft Windows Script
.ani Microsoft Windows mouse cursor
.cab Microsoft installation archive
.cnf Microsoft SpeedDial configuration
.cur Microsoft Windows mouse cursor
.ico Microsoft Windows icon
.job Microsoft Windows scheduled task
.xnk Microsoft Exchange shortcut
.{long-encoded-string} Microsoft Windows CLSID hidden file type