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How can I give someone a file too large to send via email?

One way to do this is via the MCS, which allows you to create your own web page in your own filespace (see the DS-Web pages. You can then pass the URL of your web page on to whoever you want to have access to the file. This does, however, allow everyone access to the file, so if you just want one person (or a small group of people) to access the file, ask them to let you know when they have got it, and then remove it from your filespace on the MCS.

Pages can be setup that are viewable only in the University of Cambridge domain * To do this create a directory named ucamonly within any webspace directory. Any content will be viewable only within * and will not be indexed by external search engines.

If all you want to do is allow someone access to a file, the simplest web page you can write in any text editor is:

<a href="filename.ext">Click here to download my file></a>

Save this as "myfile.html" and place it along with a copy of the file "filename.ext" into a folder called public_html in your DS filespace (filename.ext is used as an example and represents the file you want to make available, it can be called anything you want).

The URL for your web page will be: When someone accesses this web page, all they will see is the link "Click here to download my file" which, when clicked, will ask them if they wish to view or save the file.

If you don't already have an "index.html" file in public_html, anyone who happens across your website will see shortcuts to both filename.ext and myfile.html. If you create a blank web page, anyone who goes to "" will just see a blank page, thus, masking the shortcuts to the files.

Details of alternative methods of transferring files can be found in the File Transfer documentation.

Last reviewed: August 2016