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Cambridge email addresses for students and staff

Finding out your Cambridge email address

In many cases you will be able to find out what your email address will be before you arrive. Students will be sent pre-registration information and will be able to collect their passwords before arrival - see password details.

See the page on What is a CRSid? for details of your email address.

Your Cambridge email address and other addresses

Your Cambridge email address is of the form, e.g. This is known as your  @cam address. By default mail sent to this address will arrive in your Hermes mailbox. You can arrange to have your @cam mail forwarded to another system if you prefer (see @cam addresses, delivery options and the public directory), but it is important that you read mail sent to your @cam address regularly as this is the address many people around the University will use for you.

If you choose to forward your Cambridge mail to an address outside Cambridge make sure that you are using a service that provides a reasonable size quota.

Warning: Consider possible issues of privacy and/or reliability if forwarding to external email systems. Support staff within the University and Colleges will not be able to help you with related email problems. University and College administrative and teaching staff are unlikely to be sympathetic to problems arising from such forwarding.

Ensure that mail you send is clearly identified as coming from you, whether you are using your Hermes account or another account.

Some members of staff also have an email address similar to or These are known as 'friendly names'.

'Friendly names' are always associated with a department, faculty or College. They are never available on the central email system (Hermes) where the danger of confusion because of clashing names is far too great, i.e. john.smith