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UIS Access Points - rental charges

Wireless access point rental charges 2016–2017

Please note that for 2016–2017 the cost for access points with external antennae now also includes the cost for standard ANT-1W\B\F antennae. Any upgrades to more advanced antennae are now offered at a reduced cost.

Further technical information about access points

Further technical information about access point antennae

Access Point model Annual charge £ (credits)
AP-303H £90 (18)
AP-304* (includes 3x ANT-1W antennae) £120 (24)
AP-305 £110 (22)
AP-314* (includes 4x ANT-1W antennae) £150 (30)
AP-315 £140 (28)
AP-324* (includes 4x ANT-1W antennae) £185 (37)
AP-325 £175 (35)
AP-275 £245 (49)
AP-277 £245 (49)
RAP-109 £100 (20)
No longer supplied but still supported
AP-205H £90 (18)
AP-204* (includes 2x ANT-1W antennae) £120 (24)
AP-205 £110 (22)
AP-214* (includes 3x ANT-1W antennae) £150 (30)
AP-215 £140 (28)
AP-224* (includes 3x ANT-1W antennae) £185 (37)
AP-225 £175 (35)
AP-274 £220 (44)
AP-103H £90 (18)
AP-104 * (includes 4x ANT-1W antennae) £120 (24)
AP-105 £110 (22)
AP-114 * (includes 3x ANT-1W antennae) £150 (30)
AP-115 £140 (28)
AP-134* (includes 3x ANT-1W antennae) £185 (37)
AP-135  £175 (35)
AP-175AC/DC £275 (55)
AP-175P £250 (50)
AP-93 £90 (18)
AP-93H £90 (18)
RAP-3WNP £80 (16)

* these APs with ANT-1W\B\F may be upgraded to an alternative antennae at the listed price.

Indoor Antennae
AP-ANT-1B\W\F (included for free with specific APs) £0.00 (0)
AP-ANT-40 £40 (8)
AP-ANT-45 (includes AP-MNT-5 mount) £45 (9)
AP-ANT-16 (no longer supplied) £30.00 (6)
AP-ANT-17 (no longer supplied) £30.00 (6)
AP-ANT-35A (no longer supplied) £30.00 (6)


Peripherals (purchased, not rented)
Power supply
AP-AC-12V30 30 W power supply
POE injector


POE+ injector



Site Surveys
Full site survey Price on application, inclusive of production of site maps/reports etc.
Validation survey Price on application.
Predictive (software based) survey. Price on application.




  • VAT will be charged where applicable.
  • Additional APs can be supplied at a later date as required

Should a solution require specialist equipment (e.g. antenna or specific APs, etc.),  Information Services will provide advice but the procurement is the responsibility of the institution.

In all cases the APs and any associated equipment are normally sent to the institution via UMS but can be collected in person, by arrangement.

Please contact  for details.

Wireless Site Surveys

The UIS has an experienced team of engineers who can undertake site surveys in departments and colleges upon request.

Alternatively, for further advice on site surveys, please contact .

Last updated: Feb 2017


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