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What do I do if I'm having problems connecting to eduroam from my Windows system?

If you have followed the configuration instructions but eduroam is not working correctly it is best to remove the non-working profile and then start again afresh.

How to do this will vary, below are instructions for Windows 7:

  1. Left-click on the bar-chart Wireless application icon in the system tray.
  2. Click Open Network and Sharing Center to manage your wifi profiles.
  3. Click Manage wireless networks, on the left of the window.
  4. In the wireless network management window select eduroam and click Remove to delete the eduroam profile.

Once the profile is removed then follow the instructions for your version of Windows on the eduroam for Cambridge users page. Remember that where the tool asks for your username you need to enter your eduroam identifier (the full; where it asks for your password you need to enter your Network access token.

If you still have problems then please contact the Service Desk


If you have any enquiries regarding UIS network services, or other University network topics, please send an email to: