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To use the University of Cambridge Wireless service (UniOfCam), you need a machine whose web browser supports cookies and multiple windows or tabs, and a password for Raven or a temporary ticket.

If you are a student or member of staff then you should have been issued with a password for Raven. If you do not have one see "How do I get a password for Raven?".

If you are a short-term visitor to a University Department or College, your host institution may be able to issue you with a ticket. Consult your host institution as to whether this is possible and where you will be able to use the facility.

If you authenticate using a Raven password, access to the CUDN and internet is unrestricted. You are reminded that it is never a good idea to send plain text passwords across a network – for your own protection use secure protocols, especially when using an open wireless network.


If you have any enquiries regarding UIS network services, or other University network topics, please send an email to:

UIS Service Status

Phone padded  Service status line: (01223) 463085
Website padded  Sign up for SMS/email status alerts

Getting help

UIS Service Desk
General support queries

  Phone padded  (01223 7) 62999

UAS Service Desk
Administrative staff queries

  Phone padded  (01223 3) 32999

Other IT service desks