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Using the Cambridge wireless network when you are away from the University

Using the Cambridge wireless network when you are away from the University, for example at home or a conference

The Aruba RAP-3WN / RAP-3WNP (replacing the RAP-2WG) is a Remote Access Point (RAP) for use with the University of Cambridge Wireless service. It enables you to use the wireless network when you are away from the University, for example at home or a conference. This provides you with authenticated network access to the CUDN and means that you can access services otherwise restricted to users with local connections. It can also be offered to visiting academics, whether they are staying in hotels or using other accommodation. The wireless service currently offered is eduroam.

These are small devices, as can be seen in this photograph. They have two ethernet ports: one is for the connection to your local (e.g. home) internet router, the the other is dedicated to the University telephone network. To work from home all you need is the access point (the power supply is provided) and an ethernet cable. You can then use your computer and your office phone, or any phone registered with the University Telephone System, as if you were at the University.

Like any Access Point, once it is powered it acquires an IP address and gateway address from a local DHCP service (for example your home broadband router or a hotel service). It then contacts the University of Cambridge Wireless service controller and forms a secure encrypted tunnel through which the wireless data and VoIP traffic travel.

These APs can be rented by anyone, although they will be assigned to an institution and not an individual. For costs, see the charges page.


  • These APs are only really suitable for 2 or 3 (depending on the level of usage) users at any one location.
  • They are not suitable for bolstering wireless cover in institutions that already have the University of Cambridge Wireless Service or eduroam.
  • They will be assigned to an institution regardless of whether it is rented by an institution or an individual.
  • They have to be configured to use the University wireless network by Information Services.
  • Only the 'eduroam' SSID is available on RAPs at present; the UniOfCam (browser-based) service is not supplied in order to avoid problems with other devices in the vicinity associating and consuming bandwidth, without using the connection.
  • Telephone operation is subject to the stability of the internet service provider it is running over; for example if the AP is used at home over VirginMedia then the stability of the provision is subject to that of the VirginMedia feed.


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