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University network access for external organisations

The CUDN is funded to provide facilities for institutions of the University of Cambridge and its Colleges, and for certain Research Council institutions. The policies for use of the CUDN are set by the University authorities on the advice of the Information Services Committee.

Janet is managed by Janet(UK) on behalf of JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) for the UK Further and Higher Education Funding Councils. The policies for use of Janet are set by JISC.

The University of Cambridge has a primary connection to Janet. In the autumn of 2011, a policy change was announced whereby an organisation with a Janet connection may decide itself how it uses Janet in the area of business and community engagement.

Requests for CUDN and Janet access

CUDN and Janet access can be provided to outside organisations for the purpose of bona fide collaborative work with University institutions. Engaging in collaborative work with a University or College institution as a subterfuge for obtaining general Janet/Internet access will not be viewed favourably.

Requests for access for an outside organisation must be made by the Head, or their appointed deputy, of the University or College instititution with which the outside organisation is undertaking collaborative work. The request for the connection must state:

Requests should be addressed to Network Support  at UIS.

Further information

In the above, University refers only to the University of Cambridge and College only to a College of the University of Cambridge.

Last updated: July 2012


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