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Network status and faults

Current network status and faults

The status of network services can be seen in several places:

  • The UIS Service Status page provides information on our key IT services. You can also check their current status by calling 01223 463085 and listening to an automated recording, or sign up to receive SMS, email or pager notifications when a service status changes via our subscription page.
  • UIS's @UniCamIT Twitter feed provides information on major network service disruption and gives advance notice of planned engineering service downtime.
  • CUDN network status indicates the status of various parts of the CUDN and some of the networks accessible from it. The information is primariliy aimed at IT staff.

Reporting a network fault?

Network faults can be awkward to identify and can occur in different parts of the University – or outside the University.

If you are a member of staff or a student, and you are experiencing difficulties with the network, you should first contact the local IT staff in your department or college.

If they are not available, then the next step is to contact the UIS Service Desk for advice.

If you are an institutional IT officer and have identified a fault with a UIS network service, then please contact us via the UIS Service Desk during normal working hours. If it is outside normal working hours, leave a message on the network fault number (0300 123 1164), giving as much detail as possible and including a contact number for any necessary follow-up. Voicemail messages are usually acknowledged promptly. If an urgent problem goes unacknowledged, make a further call to 0300 123 1164.

Network operating times and scheduled maintenance

UIS network services are designed to operate 24 hours a day. However, UIS staff work a normal working day so, outside these hours, network services are running unattended.

Please note that there are vulnerable periods that are used for essential maintenance and development work of network infrastructure. During these times network services may be interrupted, partially or fully. Vulnerable periods are listed in the UIS Service Schedule.

The UIS News Service also gives advance notice of planned engineering work and also provides news and information about major network service disruption.

UIS's @UniCamIT Twitter feed also gives advance notice of planned engineering service downtime. This information is also available via the UIS News Service.

Process for handling fault reports

1. During normal working hours

Calls on the network fault reporting number, 0300 123 1164, will be answered by the Operations Team or by UIS Reception. In either case, the person taking the call will request the following information to complete an online report form: 

  • reporter's name, user ID, contact telephone number and email address
  • the department or college (and room number) affected by the problem
  • the host/service being accessed
  • any other relevant details.

The report is logged and a copy is emailed to the fault dispatcher, who may, depending on the fault report:

  • request more details from the reporter
  • perform network tests
  • fix the fault or, if unable to fix the fault, forward the emailed fault report, together with any other relevant information, to a suitable member of the Network Division and/or other UIS staff for attention.

In cases where the fault is causing a severe disruption of UIS services, the fault dispatcher or any other member of UIS may invoke UIS's Major Disruption procedure, thereby bringing the fault to the immediate attention of senior management in UIS.

The fault dispatcher will monitor the progress of the fault investigation and repair and will take action to escalate the fault if it is not repaired within a reasonable time, depending on the severity of the fault.

2. Outside normal working hours

The person dealing with the voicemail will judge whether the fault reported is sufficiently severe as to warrant urgent action, in which case appropriate staff will be called to fix the problem.* Otherwise, a message will be left for the appropriate staff to deal with the problem during the next staffed period. In any case, attempts will be made to contact the caller to acknowledge that the report has been received.

It is the responsibility of the person dealing with the voicemail and for anyone called to fix a problem to leave appropriate messages, usually by email, for the fault dispatcher who will be present on the next working day.

Feedback to and escalation by the user

If the person reporting the fault subsequently requires feedback on the progress of the repair, they should call the network fault reporting number, 0300 123 1164. In the case of a fault affecting a substantial part of the CUDN, UIS's @UniCamIT Twitter feed and the UIS News Service will be updated during normal working hours to give information on progress.

If the person is dissatisfied with the progress of the fault repair, they may escalate the problem in turn to Network Support ((3)34691), the head of the Network Division on (7)48476 and the head of Service Operations on (7)66757.

* Note, however, that UIS staff work outside normal hours on a voluntary basis – they are not required to attend to problems that are detected, for example, in the middle of the night or on public holidays. However, staff wish to provide a good service to the University community and it is normally the case that serious problems occurring outside normal hours will be attended to promptly.


If you have any enquiries regarding UIS network services, or other University network topics, please send an email to: