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Configuring eduroam on Windows Mobile 6.x

Configuration steps

This describes the configuration on Windows Mobile devices running Windows Mobile 6.x.

Make sure that you have your credentials (eduroam identifier and Network access token (username and password)) from the UCS Tokens service.

  • Select Start then Settings then Connections then Wireless LAN then Turn on Wireless LAN
  • On the Wireless LAN Main tab select Change Network
  • From the list of available networks choose eduroam
  • Your device will ask you to configure the Wireless Network
    • Check Network name is eduroam
    • Set Connects to to The Internet
    then select Next
  • On the first Configure Network Authentication page
    • Set Authentication to WPA2
    • Set Data Encryption to AES
    then select Next
  • On the next Configure Network Authentication page
    • set EAP type to PEAP
    then select Finish
  • The device will then try to connect to the eduroam network. At the User Logon page
    • enter your eduroam identifier in the User name box
    • enter your Network access token in the Password box and tick Save password (you don't have much time to enter the token when you re-connect)
  • After a few moments, your device should report that it is connected to the eduroam service.

NOTE: If your device gets confused between eduroam and Lapwing, or you later need to change any configuration settings, you can always turn the Wi-Fi off and then go to StartSettingsConnectionsWi-Fi. Select and hold the network in question, then choose Remove settings then re-discover and re-configure access afresh as required.

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