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Configuring eduroam on a Nokia

These instructions are for configuring wireless access to eduroam. They are known to work on the following models:
N86, N95, N97, E61, E71.

These steps must be followed in an area where the eduroam wireless network is available. A list of institutions with University Wireless Service access points is available. Note that not all have eduroam access available at present.

Configuration steps

Make sure that you have your credentials (eduroam identifier and Network access token (username and password)) from the UCS Tokens service.

  • Go to the applications screen then select Tools then Settings
  • Select Connection then access points
  • Select new access point. The following settings should be used:-
    • Connection name - eduroam
    • Data bearer - Wireless Lan
    • Wlan network name - eduroam
    • Network Status - Public
    • Wlan network mode - Infrastructure
    • WLAN Security Mode - WPA/WPA2
  • Select WLAN Security Settingsand
    • WPA/WPA2 - EAP
    • WPA2 only mode - Off
  • Select EAP plug-in settingsand
    • enable the EAP-PEAP setting
    • disable all other entries enabled by default
  • Select EAP-PEAP, then options then, from the sub menu, select edit.
  • On the Settingstab the following should be used:-
    • Personal Certificate - Not Defined
    • Authority Certificate - Comodo AddTrust External CA Root 
      If this certificate is not listed you will need to add it to your device first - see the information on converting the root CA for use on mobile devices
    • Username in use - User Defined
    • User name - your CRSid
    • Realm in use - User defined
    • Realm -
    • Allow Peapv0Allow Peapv1 and Allow Peapv2 should all be Yes
  • On the EAPs tab enable the EAP-MSCHAPv2 setting. Do not enable MSCHAPv2 - this is different and won't work!
  • In the settings for EAP-MSCHAPv2
    • User name - your eduroam identifier
    • You can provide your password (your Network access token) or set the 'phone to prompt for it.
  • Select back repeatedly until you reach the 'phone's main screen. Now you should be able to use eduroam. When connecting, check that the Connecting via message is using what you expect - eduroam

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