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Configuring eduroam on Windows 8 RT

Janet(UK)'s TERENA contract for server certificates means that the Comodo AddTrust External CA Root certificate is needed. If you are using Windows 8 RT (a specialised form of Windows 8, used on the Microsoft Surface) then you will need to import this certificate, as it is not pre-installed on Windows 8 RT.

To Import the Certificate

  • Using a web browser from your Windows 8 RT device go to
  • Under Attachments select the certificate name or icon to download the certificate, AddTrustExternalCARoot addtrustexternalcaroot.crt. You will be asked whether you want to open or save it. Choose Open.
  • When the certificate opens, click the Install Certificate button.
  • If asked which Certificate Store to use,
    • pick Place all certificates in the following store,
    • click Browse and then choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click OK.
  • When asked to confirm if you wish to install the certificate click Yes.

You now have your certificate installed, and should follow the rest of the relevant instructions for Windows 8 in the eduroam for Cambridge users instructions.