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Configuring eduroam on an iOS 7 or later device

eduroam is available at multiple educational institutions and requires a specific configuration that includes your userid (CRSid, e.g. and your Network Authentication token (used as the password).

To use these instructions you must be in a location where eduroam is available

Information Services have generated a profile that correctly configures the settings for the eduroam service. While it is is possible to configure your device to use eduroam without using the profile file this is less secure and is not recommended.

  • Using Safari is recommended as issues have been experienced using other browsers.

Configuration steps

If you already have a working network connection either through cellular data or Wi-Fi then skip to Step 4.

  1. From the home screen select Settings -> General -> Network and scroll down to Wi-Fi at the bottom to open the Wi-Fi Networks screen: 
    choose network

  2. Confirm that you have both the eduroam and UniOfCam (was Lapwing) wireless networks available. If either are unavailable you must move to a different physical location to complete the setup process.
  3. Select UniOfCam (was Lapwing) to connect, open the Log In screen and authenticate.
  4. Visit the UCS Tokens site.
  5. You should now see the Network authentication token collection page. Double-click on the Network access token box on the right hand side to zoom in. Hold down your finger on the token in the box and wait for the magnifying glass to appear, then release your finger. The contents of the box will be highlighted and you will be offered the option to copy the token to the clipboard. Select Copy

  6. Now visit the eduroam .mobileconfig site.
  7. You will be prompted to install the eduroam configuration profile.
    install profile

  8. Click Install to start and then Install Now when prompted. If you have configured your iOS device to use a passcode you will asked for it at this point.
    confirm install

  9. On the Enter Username screen put in your eduroam Identifier (this must be of the form and then select Next 

  10. On the Enter Password screen put in your Network access token. If you copied it earlier then hold down your finger in the box and select Paste when prompted, then select Next 

  11. You should then see the screen confirming that the profile has been installed successfully 
    profile done

  12. Return to Settings -> General -> Network -> Wi-Fi and click the blue arrow to the right of UniOfCam (was Lapwing). Ensure that Auto-Join is set to off.
    no lapwing

Your device will now be authenticated to the network, after that you should be able to access the internet. If this still doesn't work then double-check the above steps. If you are still unable to connect contact the  for assistance.

Removing the profile

If you need to remove the profile from the device:

  • Choose Settings -> General and then choose eduroam from Profiles 

    profile list

  • Choose Remove. All settings and passwords will be cleared. If you have a passcode set then you will be prompted for it at this point.
    remove profile

  • Choose Confirm to finish.
    remove confirm

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