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Mobile devices: wireless and email configurations

UIS supports mobile devices on a best-efforts basis. Whilst it is not possible to document and support every variation of every mobile device on the market, we have some generic information on email configurations and on wireless access, appropriate to a range of devices, and also specific instructions for some popular models.


Generic configuration notes

If your device is not in the list you may find the following pages help you configure it.

Note that it is not possible to connect to the UniOfCam or eduroam wireless networks using most Amazon Kindles. If you have a Kindle Fire, the android eduroam settings work.

Installing a certificate for use on mobile devices

JANET(UK) has signed up to a new TERENA contract for server certificates. This means that the QuoVadis Root CA 2 certificate is needed for eduroam, as well as other services (e.g. Hermes). Some phones (including Nokia and Sony Ericsson) do not have this certificate in their list of Certification Authorities so you will need to install the certificate - we have provided instructions for installing the root CA for use on mobile devices.