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Software Requests for the MCS

Teaching and learning software on UIS Managed Cluster Service: call for requests for 2018-19

This notice is addressed to all those who currently use or are planning to use UIS Training Facilities or Managed Cluster Service (MCS) classrooms including MCS computers in Departments and Colleges, to support their teaching, whether for organized courses or for other Departmental or College teaching. It is also addressed to those desiring to use applications generally on these computers. It covers applications for all three platforms (MCS Linux, MacOS and Windows).

Requests/Removals of applications: Submission date

All requests for the next academic year must be received by Friday 16 March 2018 using the Software Request Form (2018/9). This applies to MCS Linux, Macintosh and Windows applications. For multiple application requests, these can be sent by email to . Please note that for both MCS Linux and Windows all applications must be capable of running on 64-bit machines.

Desktop Operating Systems

It is planned that the operating systems for the three MCS platforms in 2018-19 will be:

  • MCS Linux – yet to be decided
  • Macintosh – OS X 11 High Sierra
  • Windows – Windows 10

The list of software that the UIS expect to be available for the start of the Michaelmas Term will be announced by the division of the Easter Term.


Those teaching during the Long Vacation should note the installation of new versions of software may affect their teaching and they should check as to the version available.

The full set of applications for 2018–19 is intended to be available from Monday 20 August, so that course giver can check the applications and amend their course notes. This also allows for any necessary remedial action to be taken by UIS staff before the start of the Michaelmas Term.

Licence costs

For some applications the licence cost has to be borne by the institution requiring the software. Information Services can advise on costs; please enquire by email to . Note also that a request for a new version from one institution may have cost implications for other institutions that also use the software. Consequently, those requesting software are asked to consider the financial implications of their requests for their institutions and for other institutions covered by the Managed Cluster Service.

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Getting help

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