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Accessibility Software

The MCS systems are designed to be used by the widest possible audience and have features that allow users to adjust their interface.

There are some assistive technology applications available on the general MCS machines:


  • TextHelp Read & Write (Start Menu - TextHelp - Read & Write Gold)
  • Claro Read Pro (Start Menu - Claro Software)
  • ABBYY Fine Reader (Start Menu - ABBYY)
  • Natural Reader (Start Menu - Natural Reader)
  • Anki (Start Menu - Softonic - Anki)
  • MindView (Start Menu - MatchWare - MindView)
  • Built-in Windows Ease of Access tools (Start Menu - Accessories - Ease of Access)


Built in Accessibility tools:

In addition, the following general facilities may be useful:

  • Height-adjustable desks are available in the Phoenix Teaching Rooms and the Titan Teaching Rooms.
  • Resolution can be adjusted on any PC or Mac.

If you require further information about Assistive Technology please view our Assistive Technology web pages.