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Using an MCS Windows PC

An introductory guide to using Windows on a Managed Cluster Service desktop.


This page is about using Windows on a PC in a Managed Cluster desktop. A limited set of Windows applications can also be accessed via the DS-Remote service from any system. See also information on DS-Filestore and on printing using DS-Print.

Logging in to MCS Windows

To use MCS Windows you will need to log in to your Desktop Services account using your CRSid and UIS Password.

When you log in, you are automatically connected to DS-Filestore (your Desktop Services file space).

The MCS Windows Desktop

After you have logged in, click on the Start button to see the following useful items:

  • All Programs: the full range of Windows utilities
  • Documents: your personal Desktop Services filespace (same as the desktop icon)
  • Computer: displays all devices (disks etc.)
  • Devices and Printers: displays printers and print queues
  • Help and Support: general Windows information, not MCS
  • Search Box: search for files, folders, programs etc.
  • Log off: log out from the MCS

Basic Tasks on MCS Windows

  • Changing your password
  • Printing
  • Access applications by clicking on the Start button and typing the application name in the search box. This is the quickest method to locate an application as they are now stored alphabetically by manufacturer name. A full list of MCS applications is available.
  • Save your files before logging out of the MCS. Failure to do so could result in another user having access to your files.
  • How to use OneDrive

Inactivity Logout

After 35 minutes of inactivity a warning message will appear on the screen. If you do not cancel this message you will be automatically logged out after a further 5 minutes.

Known Problems

Click here for a list of known problems on MCS Windows with possible work arounds.

UIS Service Status

Phone padded  Service status line: (01223) 463085
Website padded  Sign up for SMS/email status alerts

Getting help

UIS Service Desk
General support queries

  Phone padded  (01223 7) 62999

UAS Service Desk
Administrative staff queries

  Phone padded  (01223 3) 32999

Other IT service desks