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University OneDrive filespace on MCS Windows

FAQ: Working with your University OneDrive filestore on the Managed Cluster Service (MCS) Windows PCs

Important notes

  • These instructions are only for your University OneDrive account (OneDrive for Business), not your Personal OneDrive account(s).
  • You must not install the OneDrive Sync client – this will break your profile.
  • On MCS Windows, OneDrive for Business is only supported on Internet Explorer.

First time users

  1. If you are eligible, and have not yet set up your University Microsoft account, you will need to synchronise your UIS Password (used for Raven authentication) via the UIS Password Management Application at, or via the PC's Start menu, under:

    Start > All Programs > Microsoft OneDrive - University > UIS Password Management

    01 openPasswordApp

    NOTE 1
    This will synchronise your password for a range of UIS-managed systems including Raven, Hermes, Desktop Services (MCS) and the University Active Directory. This step is necessary for enabling OneDrive.

    NOTE 2Synchronisation may take up to 3 hours and we strongly recommend that you wait for this to occur before continuing.

  2. Open the Office 365 sign-in page by navigating to:
    Start > All Programs > Microsoft OneDrive - University > OneDrive Web View
    13 startOneDriveWebView

  3. Important: tick the Keep me signed in checkbox before continuing:
    02 KeepMeLoggedIn
  4. Enter your in the Email address or phone number box and click Sign In:
    02 KeepMeLoggedIn

  5. If you have multiple accounts you will be asked to choose either your 'Work or school account' or your 'Personal account' before you can enter your password. Choose ‘Work or school account’:
    04 chooseWork
  6. You will now be automatically re-directed to the University of Cambridge Active Directory login page. Enter your password and click Sign in:
    Screenshot of the University's MIcrosoft EES agreement log-in screen

  7. Following successful authentication, you will be directed to the Office 365 home page. You will need to click on the OneDrive tile to setup your OneDrive space:
    06 openOneDrive07 OneDriveIntro
    08 OneDriveWebView

  8. You will not need to re-authenticate each time you use OneDrive on MCS Windows unless you have set the option to 'Delete browsing history on exit' (set within IE's Internet Properties); if you have, you will need to log in again each browsing session: 
    09 deleteBrowsingHistory

Using OneDrive on MCS PCs

We have provided two ways to access your OneDrive University account from MCS Windows:

OneDrive File View

  • Open a File Explorer window showing your OneDrive files and folders:
    Start > All Programs > Microsoft OneDrive - University > OneDrive File View

    10 startOneDriveFileView
    This will open a File Explorer window showing your local OneDrive filespace:
    11 localFilesView

    NOTE 1: 
    Subsequent logins will automatically map the O: drive

    NOTE 2
    If you have chosen to 'Delete browsing history on exit' in IE’s Internet PropertiesDrive O: will not be auto-mapped and you will see the following authentication request when you next access OneDrive. You will need to re-authenticate by repeating steps 3-6 in the First Time User section above.
    12 authenticationAlert

OneDrive Web View

  • Open an Internet Explorer browser window showing your OneDrive files and folders:
    Start > All Programs > Microsoft OneDrive - University > OneDrive Web View
    13 startOneDriveWebView

    This will open a web window to your Office 365 home page. You will need to click on the OneDrive tile to access your OneDrive space:
    06 openOneDrive
    This view also provides tools to manage your OneDrive environment. 
    15 webFilesView

    NOTE: If you have chosen to ‘Delete browsing history on exit’ (in IE’s Internet Properties) you will need to re-authenticate by repeating steps 2-6 in the First time user section above.
    16 deleteHistoryButton



  • The WebClient service is set to be automatically started, a double reboot is required to enable the service.
  • Two ‘machine’ trusted sites are automatically added:
  • OneDrive is only supported by Internet Explorer on MCS Windows.
  • Periodically you may need to re-authenticate to OneDrive – Remember to tick ‘Keep me signed in’ before entering your credentials.
  • If your OneDrive account has not been accessed for 5 days you may have to re-authenticate.
  • The file download limit has been increased from 50 MB to 4.2 GB.
  • You must not install the OneDrive Sync client on MCS Windows – this will break your profile.
  • The Sync option from Web View does not work on MCS Windows.
  • These procedures are for your OneDrive for Business University account, not a OneDrive Personal account.
  • If you have problems authenticating to OneDrive for Business, try deleting Internet Explorer cookies as follows: 

    1. Start > Control Panel > Internet options.
    2. In the Internet Properties window, go to the General tab and click Delete.
    3. In the Delete Browsing History window, uncheck all the check boxes except Cookies and website data, and click Delete:
      17 keepCookies

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