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Adding credit

How to add credit for use of DS-Remote services

The charge for using DS-Remote is £5 per student every four weeks. Currently no applications have an extra charge, but this may change in the future.

For Students

  1. Go to the DS-Remote Web Store
  2. Login with your Raven credentials
  3. Click the drop down arrow at the top right next to your name
  4. Click Add Credit
  5. Following the instructions regarding amount and credit card details

For Institutions

  1. Institution contacts UIS
  2. UIS asks Institution for PO detailing number of students and time frame
  3. Once PO arrives, the system is set up for the institution to be able to produce vouchers
  4. Institution's "managers" create vouchers for its students
  5. Institution tells students to use service
  6. Students go to the DS-Remote Web Store and redeem the voucher

NOTE: Institutions only get billed for the vouchers that have been redeemed


UIS does NOT offer refunds of credit added to the DS-Remote service balance to any user.