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Software on your PC

Your UAS desktop PC has installed on it a number of packages as standard. These are available without installation or purchasing. Currently these are:

  • Adobe Reader X
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Infopath 2010
  • Microsoft Picture Manager
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • 7-Zip File Manager

A number of packages are provided free for all UAS users without installation. These can be found on your 'J:' drive under 'Applications'. These include:

  • AutoDesk Viewer: Used for viewing AutoDesk architectural files
  • Agent Ransack: A powerful searching tool
  • FileZilla: A cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client
  • PDF Reader 2: An alternative to Adobe Reader for viewing PDFs
  • PuTTY: An ssh, telnet and serial client
  • Vue: A tool for integrating digital resources in support teaching and learning

A small number of applications can be installed for free by the UAS Service Desk team when there is a clear business need for them:

  • The GIMP: A Windows version of the photo editing suite
  • GhostView: An application for viewing .eps (Postscript) files
  • Google Chrome: Google's web browser
  • iTunes: Apple's media player
  • Java: A client used for displaying dynamic web content
  • Mozilla Firefox: A popular web browser
  • Opera: Another popular web browser
  • PDF Creator: A free alternative to Adobe Acrobat for making PDFs
  • QuickTime: Used for playing various media formats
  • Safari: Apple's web browser
  • SnagIT: Screencapture and editor
  • Skype: Used for making cheap VOIP calls
  • TweetDeck: A social-media manager

We aim to support and install all other applications, but cannot guarantee compatibility within our environment. We can handle purchasing for most software requests.