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Maintaining your laptop

A lot of laptops spend a large proportion of their time disconnected  from the ACN network. This can result in the software on them  becoming very out of date.

Computers connected to the network (by cable not wireless) will automatically update their software regularly. When updated regularly this is usually a fairly quick and seamless process. Laptops that are rarely connected to the network can become so far out of date that they become a security risk, unreliable and are running outdated software (i.e. you cannot open a document because it was created in a new version than is loaded on the laptop).

It is your responsibility to ensure your laptop is regularly connected directly to the network. We would recommend this takes place at least once a month.

You can extend the life of your laptop battery by ensuring it is regularly fully charged and fully discharged. Running the laptop on mains power all the time, or always topping up the battery can reduce its performance and life. Running the battery down completely and then charging fully while the laptop is turned off will ensure you get the most out of your laptop for as long as possible.

For more general advice on maintaining your laptop, please see Maintaining your PC.