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How can I print?

As part of the Managed Cluster Service (MCS), the DS-Print service along with the institute's local printers or Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) are pre-installed on all MCS managed Windows, Linux, or Mac computers. DS-Print service can also be installed and accessed on a user's personal workstation, laptop or mobile device. Two methods to submit print jobs are available; 1. Mobility Print and 2. DS-Print Service. Both methods are discussed on this page.

1. Mobility Print (Common Balance Only) 

Mobility print provides a convenient and simplified print method with a minimal configuration aimed at (but not limited to) Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops printing wirelessly. Mobility print is supported on a subset of MultiFunctional Devices (MFD) participating in DS-Print Service. This subset of MFDs comprises of Sharp and Konica MFDs participating in the Common Balance credit scheme and utilising FindMe printing.

Mobility Print (Common Balance Only) 

2. DS-Print Service for Windows / MacOS 

Provides full functionality printing e.g. duplex, stapling, number of pages per side for Windows and MacOS platforms. Supports all DS-Print printers and MultiFunctional Devices (MFDs) in addition to Local and Common Balance print credit.    

DS-Print Service for Windows / MacOS 


Support for Linux on non-MCS managed computers is not yet available. As soon as DS-Print is able to properly support Linux the service will be made available and supported to the same level as currently experienced with Windows and Mac platforms.