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Visitor IDs

Information detailing how an institution can support visitors' print and photocopying requirements. A visitor is defined as someone who is attending an institution for academic or research purposes for a short period of time, typically up to two weeks.


Delegated Management System visitor management

Visitor accounts provide the ability for an institution to permit visitors access to utilise most features of DS-Print. Features offered to visitors include print, print from USB memory (subject to supported Multi-Function Device) and photocopy. Due to visitors not benefiting from a University of Cambridge email account, the EmailMe (Scan-to-Email) service is not offered to visitor IDs.

All print spooling, auditing, reporting, user authentication and charging is centrally managed by the print system. Institutions manage visitor IDs using already established online tooling - Delegated Management Service (DMS). Additionally, for convenience, supported institutional Mifare swipe cards can be utilised by the visitor to authenticate at a Multi-Function Device, otherwise visitors authenticate by entering credentials at the Multi-Function Device's touch control panel. Visitor charging for usage is set at the institution's standard rate.

Delegated Management System


DS-Print Credit

Credit can only be applied to a visitor’s account by the local institution, for this the institution applies and manages credit using the DMS. Visitors do not have access to eCredit (as Raven authentication is required). DS-Print recommends that credit is applied to the institution's local balance, in this scenario any monies collected from the visitor is kept within the institution and credit can only be spent within the local institution.       

How to Support Visitors

Each visitor will need to have an ID assigned to the individual by the local institution. A pool of visitor IDs is requested by the local institution from User Administration, University Information Service by email, These IDs are specifically for use within DS-Print managed print service, IDs are retained and reused by the local institution once the visitor has left. Visitor IDs will end with the letter v, and be in the form (institution identifier)(sequential number)v e.g. UIS001v.

DMS Allocation and Deallocation of Visitors

The DMS (Delegated Management System) provides management of visitor IDs. Visitor management includes (but not limited to) setting visitor passwords, allocating DS-Print credit and associating a swipe card with visitor accounts. In addition, a visitor account can be deallocated, deallocation is expected to be performed upon a visitor leaving. Deallocation can be set to perform automatically on a pre-specified date, alternatively, manually by selecting 'Deallocate' found in the DMS. During deallocation whether automatically or manually the visitor account is cleared down ready for use (reallocation) once more.

Clearing down includes:

  • setting ID with a random complex password
  • clearing Mifare number allocation
  • set all credit balances to zero
  • delete print jobs awaiting print
  • clears the visitor ID Managed Cluster Service (MCS) profile including deleting any saved user files