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Introduction to the DS-Print service

DS-Print for Users...

DS-Print is utilised by the University Managed Cluster Service (MCS) and is additionally available to any computer connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) or beyond, subject only to the individual user having authority to use a particular printer. Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) provide for print, photocopy and scan requirements.
Further reading available at DS-Print for Users.


DS-Print for Institutions...

The University Managed Print Service (MPS) operating under the banner name of DS-Print is a centralised system for managing print, copy and scan usage across the collegiate University.
It uses a customised print management system to route print queues via a central print management service, dealing on behalf of each participating institution with all print spooling, auditing, reporting, user authentication and charging. This reduces costs for institutions, in exchange for a modest fee, by eliminating the hassle and overhead of having to purchase, maintain and administer local infrastructure.
Further reading available at DS-Print for Institutions.