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Filezilla (Windows)

Using Filezilla (Windows)

Filezilla is a Windows SFTP and FTP client program available on the Managed Cluster Service. It is fairly self-explanatory and has its own help information, available from within the program by using the Help menu. The plain FTP version should normally be used only for anonymous FTP.

Start Filezilla from the Start menu (click on Start, point to All Programs, then Network Tools, and click on Filezilla). A toolbar across the top of the page allows you to fill in an address (e.g., a User (which may be anonymous or your own identifier on the remote system) and your password, if needed, on the remote system. (For anonymous FTP fill in your email address). Then click on Quickconnect.

To connect to an SFTP site you need to prefix the host name with sftp://, e.g. s You may also need to make sure that the port number is set to 22.

The Quickconnect button has a dropdown menu which shows connections you have previously made, so you can select from these on a subsequent occasion..

Once you are connected to your remote host, a list of folders and files will appear on the right, with your local file hierarchy on the left. You can change what you see (list, details, icons etc.) and sort the files, by selecting Remote list view from the View menu. You can navigate through the folders by (for instance) double-clicking on a folder name in the window to open it.

You can transfer files by double-clicking on them, or by dragging and dropping between the two filing systems.

To disconnect, use the red "cross" button on the toolbar.

There are many other facilities and options detailed in the local Help system for FileZilla.

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