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Install Citrix Workspace for Windows

If you prefer to use an app to access your UMD Windows Virtual Environment, you can install and use the Citrix Workspace app. This will give you additional benefits such as automatic local default printer mapping.

Installing Citrix Workspace

1. Open your web browser and go to

The site will detect whether you are running Windows, Mac or
Linux and prompt you to download the appropriate client. In this example Windows is being used.

 2. Select Download for Windows.

Download for Windows.

3. Select Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows:

Download Citrix Workspace

4. When prompted, select Run to download and install the app.

Run and Save

 If presented with a 'User Account Control' pop-up, select 'Yes' 


5. Select Start


6. Accept the licence and select Install.


7. The Citrix Workspace app has now been installed. Select Finish to close the install:

Final Install

N.B. On install, users may be presented with the below warning, this isn't compulsory to enable:

App Login Warning


Accessing and logging in to the Citrix Workspace app

1. From the Windows Start menu Start Menu navigate using the a-z to Citrix Workspace, double-click to open the app:

Windows Menu

2. Enter the university's server address as and select Add:


3. Enter your CRsid and Raven password:

workspace 2nd login

4. Select University Managed Desktop to access your Windows Virtual desktop.

Citrix Desktop

Citrix Virtual Desktop

Getting started