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Getting started (for everyone)

Specific information for UAS/ACN staff

There's five things you need to know before using AppsAnywhere:
  1. You install the Citrix Workspace app directly on the personal device(s) you use when working remotely – not on the PC you remote into using the ACN Remote Access Service
  2. Your virtual UMD desktop in AppsAnywere is just like a brand new device so you’ll need to personalise it the first time you use it (e.g. adding shared mailboxes, calendars and desktop shortcuts. Once you have finished your personal configuration, your virtual UMD desktop will look the same across all your devices and in the web app.
  3. You can’t access the M: drive – move your files to your personal OneDrive and stop using the M: drive
  4. Your departmental shared drives are on the Z: drive – you will need to drill down the folders to find them
  5. You need a licence to access Adobe Acrobat 2020 (Acrobat Pro is not available in AppsAnywhere).

How AppsAnywhere fits with the UAS Desktop environment installed on your University-owned PC/laptop

Infographic comparint the UAS Desktop environment to the UMD Windows virtual desktop in AppsAnywhere