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Install Citrix Workspace app (Android)

Web browser access to the University Managed Desktop on an Android device isn't currently compatible. It is therefore compulsory users first install the Citrix Workspace Application for access.

Installing the Citrix Workspace Application:


  • Android Phone or Tablet (Version 7.0 Nougat)
  • A Google Play Store Account (to download and install Citrix Workspace App)
  • A Raven user account 

 1.  Click on the below icon to automatically navigate to Citrix Workspace App on the Google Play Store.

Google Play

 2.  Once open, select "Install" to start the download, then "Open" once installed.

Google Play

3. You will now be presented with three permission screens. These are pivotal to allow Citrix Workspace access your Android devices camera, mic and storage to allow you to use within the University Managed Desktop, so click "Allow" to accept.


 4. Once allowed the below screen will be presented, select "Get Started" to begin the configuration. 

Get Started 1

5.  Under the "Welcome" screen, in the url field, enter the university's store url "" (minus speech marks). 

Next toggle "Add account type as Web interface" to on, as seen below. 

Enter URL

6. On the "Citrix Workspace" screen, select the "Employee Users" sign in.



7.  Next enter yours CRSid (e.g. xx232) and Raven Password into the "Citrix Gateway" Log on screen.


Cirtix logon

8. You will now be logged into the Citrix Workspace App. From here you can access applications you have permission too, as well as the University Managed Desktop.


9. Selecting the "University Managed Desktop" icon seen above, will automatically open your personal virtual UMD pc. 

um desktop
The University Managed Desktop

By selecting the down arrow on the top of screen, users are presented with a number of citrix options, including the X which closes the UMD. 

Navigation Icons