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Common issues in the Citrix Workspace app, their causes and how to fix them.

This webpage is here to help and troubleshoot any issues in regards to access, logon and within the Citrix Workspace and the University Managed Desktop.

The webpage will continue to evolve, as more issues and error occur.   It's therefore worth reviewing every time you experience an issue and require help. If the issues you are experiencing or have experienced isn't listed please contact with details and screenshots if available. 

Please click on the links below to be automatically redirected to the relevant areas of concern:

Accessing the Citrix Workspace Application

Login Issues

Citrix Application Issues

Workspace Issues

Access Issues:


Cannot Connect to Server, please check your network and try again error: 

Error open starting Citrix Workspace

On rare occasions users might receive the above error screen, after entering their credentials when accessing the Citrix Workspace Application. This is often caused by users failing previously to completely logout and shutdown the application. 


On a Windows OS:

1. Close any active sessions of the Citrix Workspace Application and retry. If there are no active sessions to close or the issue is still visible continue to step 2.

2.  On Windows navigate to the taskbar and right click on the Citrix Workspace App icon.


3.  Navigate and select "Advance Preferences".

4.  Finally select "Reset Citrix Workspace" from the options.  

5.  Once complete, restart the Citrix Workspace Application, upon first restart users will require to reconfigure the client by entering into the "Add Account" request.



The Citrix Workspace App should now start, request credentials and open successfully. 

On a macOS:

1.  Open the Citrix Workspace Application.

Citrix Workspace App Mac
2.  Navigate to the top right corner "Menu".


3. Finally select "Refresh Apps".

Refresh Apps

Login Issues: 

Nothing here at present, please check back later 

Citrix Application issues:


UFS frmservlet.jnlp error: 

When launching an application within the UFS on the University Managed Desktop, users receive the below error:


This file is required to run Java on CUFS.

To remove the error follow the below steps:

1. Select "Keep" to download the frmservlet.jnlp file. 

2. Once the download has completed, click the "options" arrow to view. 


3. Select "Open" to install the .jnlp file. 

Once the install has completed CUFS will then start to open. 

University Managed Desktop Issues:

Using multiple display monitors (Dual Screen) on the Citrix VDI Desktop: 

Instructions on how to enable dual screen on the university (UMD) and student (SMD) managed desktop.


1. Under the Citrix Workspace App, open either the UMD or SMD found under the Desktop section of your app.

2. Once the virtual managed desktop has opened, minimise and position the Citrix Viewer between the two monitors.

Citrix Dual SS1 (Windows)

3. At the top of the Citrix viewer select the the down arrow from the black dropdown menu. 

Citrix Dual SS2 (Windows)

4. Choose "Full Screen" from the options. 

5. Your virtual desktop will now refresh and be extended to both screens. 

To revert, repeat steps 3 and 4 but instead select "Window".


1. Under the Citrix Workspace App, open either the UMD or SMD found under the Desktop section of your app.

2. Once the virtual managed desktop has opened, navigate to the Citrix Viewer menu. 

Citrix Viewer Menu

3. Select "View" from the menu and 

Citrix Viewer Menu Selection

To revert repeat steps 2 and 3 to go back to single screen. 


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