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Use Citrix Workspace online

Your UMD Windows Virtual Environment can be accessed using your web browser. It will give you the ability to access your apps, files and desktop at any time, from anywhere.

Accessing the Windows Virtual Environment

1. On any internet-connected device, go to Select the Employee Users sign-in option.

Logon Screen

2. You will be presented with the Citrix Gateway login screen. Enter your CRSid and Raven password and select Log On:

workspace 2nd login

3. Once logged in you will be presented with your home Citrix workspace. To access your virtual desktop, select University Managed Desktop.

 Your Windows Virtual Environment will now open and can be used as you normally would your PC or laptop.

Citrix Virtual Desktop


N.B On initial login, you might be presented with an additional security warning asking whether you wish to allow access to information on a device attached to your computer. This is nothing to be alarmed about – Citrix Workspace is trying to access your computer's devices such as printers, webcams and shared drives. You can either block or permit access, however, we would recommend permitting access to such devices. This can be set on each login or alternatively to permanently permit, or block, access select Do not ask me again for this... to stop the warning showing on each login.

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