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Connect to your Windows desktop, applications and filestores on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet and phone – anywhere there's an internet connection. The AppsAnywhere service lets you access a managed Windows desktop from Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices by using the Citrix Workspace app or a web browser.

What is AppsAnywhere?

AppsAnywhere is one component of the wider University Managed Desktop (UMD) service. It provides a cloud-based Windows environment service to enable remote working from any device connected to the internet.

How do I access it?

The AppsAnywhere virtual environment is built using Citrix. If your institution has subscribed to the service, you can access it online via a web browser or by installing the Citrix Workspace desktop or mobile app on your device(s):

How does it benefit me?

For users

  • Get remote access using any device with an internet connection
  • Use your Raven password to simplify the user experience
  • Access a Windows 10 environment from any device, on any operating system
  • Access to departmental shared drives
  • Get access to a wide range of software and online services (more apps are continually being added to this service)
  • Your local printers and network shares are automatically configured
  • Seamless integration with your our personal OneDrive for Business filestore
  • Improved security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

The AppsAnywhere service provides additional security by using the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) associated with your University Microsoft account.


For IT staff/institutions

  • Seamless Integration with Blue ADIFS and OneDrive
  • An automatic configuration such as printers, network shares can be applied automatically
  • Thin Terminals to provide a cheaper and more reliable desktop replacement

This will ultimately be a charged service, charges have yet to be decided.


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