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Power saving

Computers and their monitors can use a lot of power. With each office holding multiple computers, it is very important to take appropriate steps to reduce unnecessary power consumption.

You can reduce the amount of power used by your computer by performing these simple tasks.

If you can, shut down your PC and switch off the monitor at the end of each day before you go home.

  • The least amount of power a computer can use is through being switched off, so please shut down your PC and switch off the monitor if you intend to be away from it for a significant amount of time.

  • If you are taking only a short break from your PC, simply lock the screen using CTRL-ALT-DEL followed by ENTER and then switch off your monitor. Switch the monitor back on and unlock your PC when you return.

  • Unplug any USB peripherals that aren’t in use, except for printers, as these will take power from the machine.

  • Do not remove the power lead to your computer or switch off at the wall socket, as this shortens the life of the internal battery.

  • Any PC or printer hardware that is unused or surplus to requirements should be reported to the UAS Service Desk so it can be redeployed elsewhere.

  • Consider not printing documents as printers use power along with toner and paper.

  • Printers fitted with a duplex option (double-sided printing) will be set as default to print duplex; this reduces paper wastage and saves power and users should not over write unless absolutely necessary.

  • Where possible consider reducing the number of personal printers by using shared departmental printers.

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