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File and directory naming

  • Filenames must have a suffix indicating the type of document (see list on and the names can be Windows-type long filenames. Although case-insensitive, we recommed filenames should only contain lowercase letters (a-z), digits (0-9), and the punctuation characters ".", "-" and "_". The "." character must not appear at the start of a filename for the file to be served. For maintenance and ease of use, shorter and obvious filenames are better.


  • PC and Macintosh browsers are not case sensitive and, when used locally on a PC or Mac, will recognise the names in lower-case even if file names of documents are seen as upper-case. Linux is a case-sensitive operating system and users of Linux on the MCS should be aware of the difference.


  • We recommend directory names should contain only the characters listed above and be short for ease of use.

Ignored files

Files with suffixes other than those listed on may be wrongly served. If you have a particular reason that a filetype should be available, please contact  and the request will be considered.