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Asking for your web information to go live

  • If the Society is already registered with the Societies' Junior Proctor's office, then send an email to  requesting that the Society's information be made available through the web server, and including a note of the Society's directory name and the Society's official name.

    Only societies registered with the Junior Proctor are eligible to be listed and linked to on the main society index, therefore, if the society is not registered see the section Registering a University Society.

  • The webmaster will email details of any immediate problems noticed on the pages. If there are serious problems the pages may not be made accessible until they are corrected. Otherwise, you should also check that the documents appear as intended and that links between documents and to image files, etc., actually work.

What happens to the Web pages now?

  • Your pages are indexed by the site-wide search engine. The keyword index used by the local server search facility is updated nightly, so the search facility will not see changes immediately.

  • There are not, at present, any HTML validation programs available on the MCS. You should use the W3C validation service at You may receive mail from time to time pointing out HTML problems with your documents that are shown up e.g. by spot-checks using the weblint or htmlchek HTML syntax checkers (especially if the problems are so bad that some browsers are totally confused by them). As a general point, it is best to check that documents look sensible with a range of browsers, not just the most recent versions.