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Facilities available - (including cam only restriction)

The web server is an Apache configuration.

  • Simple directory indexing is turned on by default. 'AllowOverride indexes' is enabled as well. 'FancyIndexing' is turned off by default. Index files named index.html or index.htm or index.shtml will be served by default in that order of appearance.
  • Per-directory configuration files can be used in any directory, these are named 'htaccess' (normally '.htaccess') files. Errors in htaccess files will lead to web pages declaring an internal server error in the directory or directories affected.
  • Access by search engines has not been disabled so files that are linked to may be indexed as and when they are found by search engines.
  • Pages can be set up to be viewable only in * or by Raven authentication. Make a directory named ucamonly within any webspace directory and place such files within it. Any content will be viewable only within * or by Raven authentication and will not be indexed by external search engines.
  • Server Side Includes (SSI) may be used.

Facilities not available

  • Access control by password and/or IP address (other than ucamonly, described previously)
  • Access counters (for a variety of reasons these are seldom to be trusted)
  • CGI scripts, ASP and PHP, and other forms of dynamic content handled by the server (other than SSI)
  • Access to logfiles
  • Symlinks (Unix), Shortcuts (Windows) or Aliases (Mac) are not followed by the web server.