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University Society web pages

These pages are intended to be a guide for Registered University Societies and Clubs for providing pages on the Web using the resources of the University Information Services. It assumes some knowledge of UIS systems, especially the Managed Cluster Service (MCS) and of the Web and HTML. Information about the Managed Cluster Service is available at, leaflet Using an MCS Linux PC gives further information about MCS Linux.

The facilities available to University Societies described in these pages are also available to Clubs. The term 'Society' is used as an abbreviation for registered University Societies and Clubs.

Any University Society registered with the Societies' Syndicate may provide pages on the UIS Web Server in the societies directory (

Each Society that publishes pages on the University server must have a Society e-mail address to which comments, complaints and administrative messages can be sent. It is the Society's responsibility to ensure that electronic mail to the Society is collected and dealt with. Apparently abandoned or malfunctioning Web pages may be removed.

An alternative to the web hosting provided by the UIS is offered by the Student-Run Computing Facility. It however has no association with the UIS, is not an official part of the University and a separate SRCF account is required.