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Syncing your G Suite@Cambridge calendar with your iOS device

These instructions walk you through setting up Apple's Calendar app to sync with your University Google Calendar.

To set up Google Calendar syncing in iOS Calendar:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Select Calendars.

  3. Under Accounts, select Add Account...

  4. Tap Other.

  5. Choose Add CalDAV Account.

  6. Enter the Server information as follows, using your @cam email address:
    User name = your email address
    Password = your G Suite@Cambridge token
    Description = this is optional; you can enter a name for your calendar

    Tap Next.

    Gcal config on iOS

  7. Select which apps to sync with your G Suite@Cambridge Calendar, and tap Save:

    Gcal on iOS


Last edited: 09 March 2018