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Google account registration and login

In order to use G Suite with your @cam account, you’ll first need to register your account.

     Are you already using your @cam email address for your personal Google account? If so, we recommend that you change the contact email address for your personal Google account to a personal email address to avoid problems with file sharing permissions. See the FAQ page.

How to register for a G Suite@Cambridge account

To register your @cam email account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the G Suite@Cambridge page:

  2. You will be redirected to a standard Raven login page provided by Use your CRSid and password for Raven to log in.

  3. You will then see the Terms & Conditions page – please read them.

  4. If you wish to continue and use G Suite@Cambridge select
    I accept the terms and conditions.

    [Note: if you select No, I do not accept the terms and conditions you will not be able to use G Suite@Cambridge.]

  5. After you have accepted the Terms & Conditions you will see an email test page.

    [Note: Although you can use G Suite@Cambridge without having a working email address, you do need one if you want to receive email generated by G Suite.]

    Select OK.


Logging in to G Suite

Once you have set up you account you can use G Suite by logging-in to Google using your @cam email address and password for Raven.

You will find the G Suite apps under the menu in the top left of your browser window:

G Suite app menu