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Installing Office 365 ProPlus on Mac OS X

Instructions for installing Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on Macs running OSX 10.12 (Sierra) or later.

These instructions assume that you have already completed:
Step 1 (confirm your UIS Password using the UIS Password Management Application), and
Step 2 (perform a clean uninstall of any previous Microsoft software, and reboot your Mac).


WARNING TO OUTLOOK USERS: If you use Outlook as your mail client, please speak to your local IT support staff to check whether your mail server uses Exchange 2007. This is not compatible with Outlook 2016 which is included in Office 365 ProPlus. If your server uses Exchange 2007, you will need to retrospectively download and re-install Outlook 2013 after you have completed the Office 365 ProPlus installation.

Step 3 – download the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus components

  1. Go to the Microsoft login page at:

  2. Enter your (this is known as your 'UPN') and hit the tab key:

Note to students at the Judge Business School and those supported by the Clinical School Computing Service: Your institutions have their own EES agreements. It is important that you sign into Office 365 ProPlus using your institutional account (e.g. or Please do not use your @cam email address because you will be taken to the wrong sign-in page.

o365 mac 1

  1. You will be re-directed to the University of Cambridge authentication screen.

    Enter your UIS Password (i.e. the one that you previously confirmed in Step 1):

    o365 mac 0 loginBlue

  2. You will now see the Office 365 installation screen.
    Click the Install button to start the download process:
    (Depending on your Mac, you can track the download progress via the normal process.)

    o365 mac 6

  3. Open the downloaded disk image/installer package:
    When the download is complete, locate and double-click the file to open it (the default download location will be your Downloads folder):

    (for Mac OS 10.9 users)
    Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg (for Mac OSX 10.10 users)

  4. Installation:
    Once the installer has opened, you will be guided through the installation process.
    Click Continue:

    o365 mac 7

  5. License Agreement:
    Click Continue:

    o365 mac 8

    You may choose to Read License now, otherwise click the Agree button to accept the terms and continue:

    o365 mac 9

  6. Installation location:
    If you want to install Office somewhere other than in the Applications folder of your Mac HD (the default location), you have the opportunity to do so now by clicking the Change Install Location button.
    Otherwise, click the Install button to continue:

    o365 mac 10

  7. User authentication:
    You will be asked to authenticate as the admin user of your Mac before you can install new software.
    Enter the username and password for your Mac, and click the Install Software button:

    o365 mac 11

  8. Summary screen:
    Click the Close button.

    o365 mac 12

    The download process is now complete.

  9. Final configuration of individual applications:
    Files have been downloaded to your Mac in readiness for use, but there will be additional settings/preferences to select the first time you use each of your new Office applications, e.g. for Word:

    o365 mac 13

    Click the Get started > button to continue.

  10. License activation:
    Activate your Office license by clicking the Sign In button to continue:

    o365 mac 14

  11. Sign in to your Microsoft account:
    Enter your, anc click the Next button:

    o365 mac 15

    ...and sign in with your UPN and Password (i.e. and UIS Password):

    o365 mac 16

  12. Final customisation:
    You will then get a single customisation page, and that's it – "You're done!"

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