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Google Calendar set-up

How to set-up your Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar, import data, share friends' calendars, and gain access from your personal devices...


  1. Why am I having problems accessing my Calendar from a mobile device?

    We are aware that there are intermittent problems with using a mobile device to access your Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar. Google Apps is a service under continuous development and improvements are deployed frequently.

  2. Can we set up Group calendars as well as individual ones?

    Yes. In Google calendar a user can create as many additional calendars as they like in addition to their default personal one. All these additional calendars can be shared read-only or read/write. See Google's text on sharing secondary calendars at the bottom of their Calendar Sharing Options page.

  3. I have a shared Calendar and I will shortly be leaving the University. Can I transfer the ownership to someone else?

    Yes. There is a Make changes and manage sharing option in the calendar sharing settings. See Google's own documentation for further advice.


How to…

  1. How do I access my Google Apps @ Cambridge calendar from the calendar on my own computer or mobile device?

    Google have their own documentation about this, from their main Calendar help page choose Sync, importing and exporting - note that not all platforms are supported.

  2. How do I  share my Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar with my colleagues?

    Google have comprehensive documentation on Calendar sharing options for Google Apps. You will probably want to share with specific people (sharing with your domain will mean everyone using Google Apps @ Cambridge will be able to see your calendar).

  3. How do I export my Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar?

    You can export content from a specific calendar or from all your calendars at once. See Google's page on how to export your Calendar

  4. How do I import the entries from another calendar into my Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar?

    You can import entries from an iCal calendar or a CSV (comma-separated variable) file on your computer. See Google's pages on importing events and migrating events from other applications. If you make a change to the original calendar the entry on your Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar will not update unless you repeat the import.

  5. How do I  add a friend's Google calendar?

    See Google's page on adding a friend's calendar.

  6. How do I subscribe to an iCal format calendar that's not on Google?

    You can subscribe to an iCal-format calendar that is on a web site. This gives you an additional, read-only, calendar. Changes to the iCal file will appear on your Google Apps @ Cambridge calendar, but note that this is not immediate. See Google's page on how to subscribe to calendars in Google Calendar.

Last updated: September 2016

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