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General questions

Common questions about Google Apps @ Cambridge
  1. We have an '' Google Apps domain. Are we affected by the domain?

    No, your Google Apps domain will not be affected by this. In this respect, Google doesn't regard as being related to

  2. What sort of Google accounts are there?

    • A personal Google (also known as 'consumer') account is one that you access with a personal email address (e.g. your ISP address or an or address) and which gives you access to all the free Google products.

    • A Google Apps account, which is associated with your work email address. Cambridge has a Google Apps for Education service for Google Calendar. We intend to open access to further parts of the Google Apps suite in due course.
  3. Do 'non-web' forms of access work?

    Yes. Users can visit a page provided by UIS to retrieve a password that has been automatically set for them and can also use this page to reset their password to a new value. Because of its properties (not user selectable, is retrievable, expected to be stored in user agents) we are calling it a 'token', in line with the existing Network Access Token use for eduroam.

  4. Why are you only offering Calendar?

    UIS is currently offering only Calendars from the range of Google Apps. We intend that other apps will follow, but each requires independent consideration of any additional terms of service for that App before it can be deployed across the University.

  5. Why can I use some of the apps I can get to from the 'More' link on my Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar page, but not others?

    Some apps don't require you to authenticate, so you can use these from your Google Apps @ Cambridge account. Of the apps that do require you to authenticate, Cambridge currently only has an agreement to use Calendar; we hope to open access to further apps in due course.

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