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How do I make a recurring booking?


Recurring bookings are made using the search function in the top-left hand corner of the home page:

Blank Search Box

Complete the search using the start date for your first meeting and then tick the 'Recurring Booking?' box:

Recurring ticked



This will unlock two new options, allowing you to pick the number of meetings required and select the frequency:

Recurring options

Alternatively, you can set the end date within your search and the system will  calculate the number of meetings required for you.


Press 'Search' and the system will find rooms that meet your needs:

 Recurring search results

The system will warn you of any holiday dates in orange, so you can remove them from your recurring booking.

If the room isn't available for all of the booking dates required, the number of available dates will be displayed in a purple oval in the corner the room photo.


Click the 'Book' icon under your chosen room.

Help and support

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact the Room Booking Service team via e-mail: