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Site-licensed software

Obtaining site-licensed software, often at no additional cost or a cost savings to the end user

See also the other software categories (Free and Nearly-free) listed on the left.

Site licences vary in detail, and in whether they are free only to individuals for personal use, or only to institutions, or both. Note that if an item of software is site licensed to an Institution or the University, you must obtain a copy of the software from the person or group holding the site licence. You cannot simply download a copy by searching the internet and assuming that you are licensed to use it.

Site licenses purchased through the UIS do have a cost associated with them. The cost is not always passed on to the end user making it seem 'free', however, the license is being paid for by schools, departments and/or colleges making it possible to take advantage of cost savings through collective purchasing.

Software Sales is on occasion asked why the UIS and Procurement Services chose to go with just a Select Agreement and not add an additional Campus (now called EES) Agreement.

The following are offered at no additional cost, or a cost savings to members of the University (you will usually need to place an order, collect a licence key, as described on the pages listed below, and if you need a CD there will be a small charge):


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