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Fetch (Macintosh)

Using Fetch (Macintosh)

Fetch is the recommended FTP/SFTP program on the Macintosh, and is available on the Managed Cluster Service. It is fairly self-explanatory and has its own help system, which can be opened independently of the program, or from within the program by using the Windows menu.

Start Fetch by double-clicking on the program icon as usual. You should then see a dialog box for filling in details of the system to connect to (if this dialog box does not appear, select New Connection from the File menu). Fill in the hostname (e.g. hermes,, etc.), and the appropriate user identifier and password. In the Connect using box you should normally select SFTP. Then click on Connect, and the connection should be made.

On your own Macintosh, you may want to store the connections you use most often as Shortcuts; select New Shortcut from the Shortcuts menu. Fill in the details (but note that you should not include your password in a shortcut specification) and click OK; you will then be able to open the connection at any time by selecting it from the Shortcuts menu, or by using the dropdown menu (under the heart symbol) in the New Connection dialog box. Shortcuts can link to your home filspace on the remote system, or to any folder you choose, or even to a single file.

Once you are connected to your remote host, a list of files will appear in a window. You can look at other files, by double-clicking on a directory name or by using the Go menu and selecting Go To Folder.

To fetch or send files, you can normally simply drag and drop to or from a folder in your local filespace. Alternatively you can select the file or files to be transferred, and click on Get or Put.

The Remote menu in Fetch allows you to delete files or folders on the remote system, to create folders, and to view a remote file without explicitly fetching it.

There is much more information available in the Fetch online Help.

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